Sunday, April 14, 2013

L is for Lilsú Isle

For such a small piece of real estate we actually know quite a lot about Lilsú isle.

Here is a description by Professor Barker,  quoted from the Blue Room mailing list:

"Lilsú Isle is low, rolling, covered with rather pretty farms and estates
owned by magnates from Jakálla, the Káija Protectorate, and also from
Thayúri Isle. Most of these estates grow garden vegetables, fruits, and
crops for the markets of the other islands and also Jakálla. Nuts,
berries, Dlél-fruit, and other commodities bring in a lot of wealth.
There are only small port towns on Lilsú, too small to be marked on the
map. There is also a central ridge of scrub forest, where a few wild
animals can still be found. The island is about 90 Tsán east-west, by
30 north-south. There are no good all-weather ports, however, and when
storms come, the inhabitants haul their fishing boats and cargo vessels
out of water and put them into protected drydocks. This precludes larger
vessels, of course. There are also dangerous shallow waters and shoals
off the northwest corner of the island, which only a skilled pilot can
avoid. The island is technically under the governorship of Thayúri Isle,
but in fact it tends to be semi-autonomous, run by wealthy landholders
and business folk from Jakálla, Káija, and Thayúri Isle."

The island can be found on the map snippet in my last post - "K is for Káija and Kerunán".

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