Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thinking about the Swamp Folk...

Given that our Swamp Folk are going to show up eventually, if not soon, I have started to think about how to paint their white flesh. I stumbled upon the art of Chet Zar via his father's art page. I think the two pictures above, in particular the top one are along the lines of the effect I would like to achieve. 

In case you don't remember what they look like, here are some pics of the Swamp Folk greens...

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Art Cards

The Clan of Flowering Life, Art Card #03

Art Card #02
Art by Jeff Dee

Some time ago - back in 2010 - I decided to try some promotional material. For U-Con 2010 I had a promotional postcard (or art card, if you prefer) made up with some art by Paul Ballard. On the reverse was a blurb and a code that gave a 10% discount on any purchase. IIRC, nobody actually redeemed the card. So much for promotions!

Art Card #01
Art of Paul Ballard

But I decided to persevere, mainly because I just like that sort of thing, and had another one done with art by Jeff Dee. This I had intended to include with parcels and was sized to fit my common package size. A few went out but I discovered there were issues with packaging the figures and the card so neither was damaged by shipping. It turned out the cards just got in the way.So I stopped doing that.

Then James Maliszewski started publishing his little fanzine for the Empire of the Petal Throne RPG: "The Excellent Traveling Journal". After receiving my copy I realized that the art card fit inside the center of the booklet. I had fifty copies left and I arranged with James to get them inserted into the first fifty copies of the fanzine ordered.

The plan is to include similar cards in each issue, if I can manage it and for as long as James is willing. Card #03 is pictured at the top. That card is away at the printers now and Zhu is already working on the next one. :-)