Saturday, November 17, 2018

Building Métlan and Jáyo 2 - Arena Viewing Platform

Latest find: an arena platform

I found this while excavating the basement a week or so ago; so I've had it a while, I just never had a definitive use for it. I think it must have come from some children's playset, perhaps one that went with that Disney cartoon pulp adventure movie from a few years ago. Was it called "Atlantis" or something similar? 

(But a quick google search later seems to say "No, that's not where it is form. Hmm... something similar I'll bet!)

What this will be is a viewing platform for the big shots of  Métlan and Jáyo, or perhaps the Arena Official or referee. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Best Kept Secrets: Newline Designs' Christmas Sale

Guti Highlanders. IIRC

Witch Cult...

...more Witch Cult...

...and more Witch Cult!

Newline is running a 25% off sale until November 27th. I think the Guti make good Mu'ug skirmishers and I mix the Witch Cult in with my Haida Pakallan Pirates and Tsolei Islanders.