Sunday, June 11, 2017

DAD (David Allan Design) - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Some of you may have seen the 3D Printed Tekumel designs that David has been posting on the Tekumel Yahoogroup for a few years now. They are something he has been doing for his own amusement and in a scale that suits his gaming preferences. Now he has agreed to make them available in 28mm scale so that they are compatible with the Tekumel Project metal miniatures. 

His range is comprehensive and in many ways complements the Tekumel Project range. He has, for example, Hlutrgu drummers that fit quite well with our existing Hlutrgu. 

As with all processes, there are limitations. His Pachi Lei are superb IMO but I find his Ssu less good as the prints do not capture the texture of the skin. His Hokun are also quite good but he does not print in clear plastic. I am exploring getting these printed elsewhere. His range is quite extensive and is being added to continuously. And it is not limited to creatures! Boats - variations of my Khmer galleys and war canoes (see my Lohwand blog for details) - and a fast growing range architectural details.