Friday, April 29, 2011

Leveling Up...

I have leveled up: 3rd Level...

Languages: Sunnuz and Scientific-Sunnuz

HP 25

Skills: biologist-botanist +1, physician +2, energy pistol,
programmer, chemist +1, roboticist, astro-physicist, holographic
scanner, attractor field, inter-planar physicist

Higher Powers: Y-Ray, Z-Ray (out of total of 7 attempts.)

Gear - assume I can sign gear out of ships stores.

Personal Gear:
Lens, laser pistol, skin suit, Med-kit, Med-Scan, Contra-grav belt,
Communicator, Scan Scope, Utility Belt, Survival Rations, Backpack,
Air tablets (48 hrs worth), canteen.

Remaining Credits: 125

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spaceswords & Glory

Turján Mors

I am in one of the Drune's playtest PBP games for Humanspace Empires over at Ix. For those of you that don't already know, this is Tékumel gaming before Tékumel! This is the universe of the Humanspace Empire that eventually colonized Tékumel prior to the catalcysm that resulted in the game setting we know and love. As I understand it the timeline is approximately 10 years after Tékumel is discovered and the colonization process begun. Not sure if the Ssú and Hlüss are even fully pacified yet!

Turján Mors

Human Male

Strength - 10
Dexterity - 15 = -1 AC, +1 Att/Int Mod, +1 Save (vs Energy blast)
Constitution - 13 = +1 HP, +1 Save (vs Poison/Disease)
Intelligence - 14 = +1 Lang, +1 Skill/Power
Psychic Power - 15 = +1 Save (vs Psy effects)
Charisma - 15 = -1 Reaction, 5 Retainers, Retainer morale 8

Prime Requisite: INT and PSY = +10% Exp

HP: 8 = 1+6+1(Con Bonus) (assumed 1st level)

Starting Skills:
11 = 2 basic, 2 technical plus 1 expert:
Background 20 = Super-scientific
Basic: Urbanite, Tailor;
Technical: Lab tech, Trader;
Expert: Medic

Starting Skills: 5 = choose 4 skills/lvl 1 powers form the first 8

biologist-botanist, physician, astrophysicist, holographic scanner

Starting Credits: 7 x 200 = 1400 Cr

Not bought yet

Remaining Credits: 1400

Turján used to be an up-and-coming researcher in the employ of Duke Vissékka, of House Cános, but some ill-advised investments in the asteroid mines of the rings of Tau Ceti ruined him. A dalliance with the Duke's concubine - pictured - forced him to flee prematurely. Signing up with the Navy seemed the easy way out...

I have to fill out the background a bit and also "level up" to 3rd level...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Colours of Tékumel

Chirine over at Chirine's Workbench sent me a link to this site as an example of, or inspiration for, their Butrús Clanhouse.

And I quite agree that it is a great Real World example that helps one get a feel for "what it might be like" on Tékumel.

After admiring the palace pictures, I delved deeper and went back to the root of the site:

Here we can get a glimpse of some of the scenes that [I think] must have inspired Professor Barker when he was creating and developing Tékumel. Just check out the vivid colours in some of the photo galleries.

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

I know that each of Tsolyánu's cities has its own distinctive features as described in the Swords and Glory source book but I think vibrant colours such as those in the pictures on that site would be a feature of everyday Tsolyáni life.

A far cry from the drab colours we [I] normally associate with medieval Europe.

Just one more reason why I appreciate Tékumel so much. :-)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hari Ragat Games

I found a new blog recently (via Ix's Blogroll - tip 'o the hat to the Drune) that I think Tékumel gamers should take a peak at even if you have a system you like. I'm referring to Dariel Quiogue's Hari Ragat Games, which is a role-playing blog with an Asian flavour, coming as it does out of the Philippines.

Dariel has been blogging about a system he is developing "Vivid" - and I think quite a lot of the concepts are applicable to Tékumel gaming, especially if you are adopting the concept of the players aspiring to be the Heroes of the Age.

In his games the players are intended to play heroes - as opposed to sneak thieves and other low types. His system incorporates the characters heritage and accounts for retinues and domains (which may be of interest to those following the thread on domains over at the Hill Cantons.)

I think a concept such as Noble Action would be a nice fit in such a system. He already has a thing called "Taint" which primarily seems to affect sorcerous characters but could also be used to model something like nakome status.

This post in particular, about Epic Feasts makes me think of Tsolyani society. I think a scenario could easily be built up around "Lord So-and-so's Feast."

Anyway - check it out. Use the categories for Hari Ragat and the Vivid system to get straight to where I am pointing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Games that I play...

Seems like a logical place to start to explain a bit about the games that I play. I am primarily a "wargamer" rather than a "role-player", though the wargames I like to play are often the sort with an almost role-playing type of character development.

I mean, I play a wide selection board games and games like "Battlelore" or "Command and Colors" but tabletop miniatures games are my hobby. Heck, I play both of the latter games using miniatures on the table (w/o hexes) rather than the way they were intended to be played.

I collect role-playing games, and have, on-and-off since I first received "Greyhawk" and "Blackmoor" for Christmas as a kid. The boxed D&D set was sold out and on backorder so I guess I got a second printing. But it a first printing of the first two supplements! I also have the other books, but they came later. And I went back and ordered "Chainmail" because it was referenced in the rules and I didn't understand the "Alternate Combat System" - not at first anyhow.

Back then I lived in the country and I had to make my first odd shaped dice out of cardboard and cellotape.

I encountered Tékumel in a Wargaming Magazine, "Wargamer's Digest, which featured a battle report about the "Battle of Ry". That got me interested. The "Empire of the Petal Throne" game was always advertised in the TSR ads each issue but $25 was too costly for me at the time! I had to wait until the Swords and Glory books came out in the early 80's - I snapped those up as soon as I realized what they were! :-)

Anyhow, I'm rambling a bit here. Back on track...

The aim of this blog is to ramble on about my Tékumel gaming. This will include "A Band of Joyous Heroes" which is more of a tabletop game than pure role-playing game though it definitely has an element of character development. Also "Kerdu" which is a set of wargames rules. Both of these rulesets are based upon the Two Hour Wargames mechanisms. I have also recently been toying with the Original EPT rules - which I finally picked up on ebay a few years back, and also Humanspace Adventures, by The Drune. Visit IX to see what he is doing.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome, Heroes!

Throughout Tékumel's history there have been valiant heroes whose deeds are enshrined in myth and legend, poem and song. Mighty Hrúgga, Hero of "The Lament to the Wheel of Black" is one such "Hero of the Age".

In my view, players gaming on Tékumel should be aspiring to become the "Heroes of Their Age".

This blog is intended to chronicle my attempts at gaming on Tékumel.