Sunday, July 30, 2017

Íto Clan House Guards

FA0608 - Vardulak Knights III

The Íto Clan have been called the "Liche Lords of the Chákas" because of their long service to Sárku, Lord of Worms. I have slowly been building up forces for various factions throughout the land, and the recent sale at Black Tree Design encouraged me to try these figures. In the past I have looked at these figures but turned up my nose at the outrageous armour. But lately l've had a change of heart:

1) Whereas Tekumel has a hot climate, some units are stated to wear heavy armour, even articulated plate armour in rare instances. (Keep in mind also that most armour is typically chlen-hide rather than metal).

2) The armour on these figures is grotesque and outlandish - "baroque", might be a good word also. But this is fine; as House Guards, they should be set apart from other troops. My thinking is that these are archaic armour styles, kept in service for centuries, if not millenia. Traditions die hard in the Chákas! 

3) Given that these are Íto Clan the chances are pretty good that the wearers are as old as their armour! Do the undead notice the heat? (I think not). :-)

My plan is to use a paint scheme of copper, warm grays, browns and black.