Kérdu means "General" in Tsolyáni.


These rules use 10-sided dice to resolve missile fire and melee combat, morale tests and all other random tests required. These are referred to as D10s.

A D10 is typically numbered 0-9, with the '0' representing '10'. The die can be read in two ways, however: as 1-10, as intended, or as 0-9, as written. These rules use both methods of interpretation.

Counting Zeroes 

If a unit, character or creature is said to be Counting Zeroes it means that the dice it rolls are being read 0-9. In Kérdu low rolls are generally better. One is always trying to roll equal or under a target number. This means that a unit that is Counting Zeroes has a 10% better chance than a unit that is reading the dice as 1-10.

For a unit to Count Zeroes, at least two of the following must apply: the troops must be Healthy, Rested, Fed, Uninjured or Confident. Or they must be Well Led. If the troops are Desperate then this might also apply.

Healthy - the unit must not stricken with disease. If the troops are ill they will not fight well!

Rested - the unit must not be exhausted. This does not mean tired by a forced march, but it might mean exhausted from a week-long retreat through the desert.

Fed - if the unit has eaten a meal before battle. Hungry or starving troops do not fight well.

Uninjured - the unit must not be suffering from injuries of a previous battle. A few injuries sustained in a skirmish do not have an effect, but if a unit is severely mauled in a battle this will effect their abilities until they have a chance to rest and recuperate.

Confident - the unit must be confident in their abilities and those of their leaders.

Well Led - the units leader, or its junior officers and NCOs inspire the unit to perform well.

Desperate - the unit is in a desperate situation with their backs to the wall as it were; as a result they fight like tigers!

Units may also be Over Confident and Ill Led, but those conditions will be discussed later.

Turn Sequence

1) Preparations for Battle

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