Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hari Ragat Games

I found a new blog recently (via Ix's Blogroll - tip 'o the hat to the Drune) that I think Tékumel gamers should take a peak at even if you have a system you like. I'm referring to Dariel Quiogue's Hari Ragat Games, which is a role-playing blog with an Asian flavour, coming as it does out of the Philippines.

Dariel has been blogging about a system he is developing "Vivid" - and I think quite a lot of the concepts are applicable to Tékumel gaming, especially if you are adopting the concept of the players aspiring to be the Heroes of the Age.

In his games the players are intended to play heroes - as opposed to sneak thieves and other low types. His system incorporates the characters heritage and accounts for retinues and domains (which may be of interest to those following the thread on domains over at the Hill Cantons.)

I think a concept such as Noble Action would be a nice fit in such a system. He already has a thing called "Taint" which primarily seems to affect sorcerous characters but could also be used to model something like nakome status.

This post in particular, about Epic Feasts makes me think of Tsolyani society. I think a scenario could easily be built up around "Lord So-and-so's Feast."

Anyway - check it out. Use the categories for Hari Ragat and the Vivid system to get straight to where I am pointing.

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