Sunday, April 14, 2013

K is for Káija and Kerunán

Excerpt from original Swords and Glory map, by MAR Barker

The protectorates of Káija and Kerunán are two territories that Tsolyánu seized from Salarvyá in 2029 A.S. and 2031 A.S. respectively, taking advantage of one of that country's intermittent civil wars. That was during the reign of the 55th Emperor, Gyésmu “The Iron Fist”. The current year depends upon when you set your campaign. The original Empire of the Petal Throne game was set about the year 2365 during the reign of Hirkáne Tlakotáni “The Stone Upon Which the Universe Rests”, the 61st Emperor. Subsequent events have advanced the timeline and some set their games during the reign of the 64th Emperor, following the recent  Tsolyáni civil war. Mirusíya Tlakotáni has taken the throne name "Resplendent Flame", in honour of Lord Vimúhla, the God of Fire.

Salarvyá has attempted to retake both protectorates on several occasions, most recently during the civil war, but has never achieved lasting success. Nevertheless, elements of Salarvyáni culture are interwoven with the daily life in the protectorates. The city of Sokátis is said to be "...more typical of a Salarvyáni city: carven gargoyles, ornate parapets, intricate bas-reliefs, and walls which slope up to the ponderous vaults and domes of its roofs." (Swords and Glory, by MAR Barker.)

A.S. = "After the Seal", meaning the "Seal of the Imperium" after the founding of the Second Imperium by the first Tlakotáni Emperor.

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