Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hlíkku, the City of the Mad God

From the Swords and Glory map, by MAR Barker

The city of Hlíkku is a closed city, its inhabitants devotees of the god known as the "Mad One of Hlíkku". The only written description mentions "irregular, curving walls and brown brickwork". Following the dictates of their god the residents wear no clothing within the city walls, except for gold earrings; outside the city they go clad in leather desert cloaks and use bone-tipped spears.

There is some debate over the nature of the entity known as the "Mad One": one of the Greater Demons? Pariah God? Or manifestation of one or more of the other gods? None know for sure, except perhaps the clergy of that city. What is known is that the city is a fertile location for the casting of magic, perhaps due to the presence of the their god; or perhaps the reason he is there in the first place. The priests still speak the ancient language of Tsáqw, a tongue often used for magical texts. 

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