Monday, April 8, 2013

F is for Fasíltum, Ferinára and Fénul

Eastern Tsolyánu

Fasíltum, the City of the Chiming Skulls, is the capital of a province of the same name in eastern Tsolyánu. It is a fairly large city located in some hill in the Desert of Eyági; where they get the water for a city of that size is the matter of some debate. Some speak of large cisterns and underground lakes below the city. Or perhaps aqueducts built into the sákbe roads? 

The city is the seat of the Vríddi clan, worshippers of Vimúhla, the Lord of Fire. The appellation comes from their practice of hanging the skulls of those executed from the battlements of the city walls. Here is a better post about the city over at Chirine's Workbench.

In contrast, Ferinára is merely a small town. As far as I know its only claim to fame is being the site of two slave revolts in the last century. Note that slavery is legal in Tsolyánu, being a common punishment for criminals and debtors - the other penalty typically being impalement. (Justice is swift and painful in Tsolyánu!) 

Another town, little Fénul, is just off the map clip to the east. A dusty frontier town, the word "fénul" means "where?" in the Tsolyáni language. You may well ask! ;-)

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