Friday, October 23, 2015

The House of the Lord of Fire Triumphant - the Vengeance of Grai!

Rough Sketch of the Site

I've been thinking about my "Vengeance of Grai" scenario again. Grai is - was? - a town in Saá Allaqí that was taken by the Tsolyáni during the recent war with Yán Kór. It was raised to the ground and the entire population sent to the flames as sacrifices to Lord Vimuhla, the God of Fire. This was done under the orders of General Kárin Missúm a fanatical worshiper of the Lord of Fire. That his name means "Red Death" gives one the proper sense of how much of an extremist is the General.

After the war a civil war broke out in Tsolyánu around the secession to the throne. After several years the General's faction won and Prince Mirusíya ascended to the Petal Throne. This was in the year 2368 AS of the Tsolyáni Imperium. (AS = After the Seal).

The present time is some years later. There is war on both the Eastern and Western frontiers but the hot-headed General has been ordered to cool his heels in the capital. Frustrated, he has retired to his pleasure palace in the northern suburbs of Béy Sü to spend his time enjoying slave girls and sacrifices. Enter the "Survivors of Grai"...

This scenario is of course based upon the "Revenge of the 47 Ronin" recently described in detail in an Osprey Elite book of the same name. The concept is that a band of survivors or relatives of those that died in Grai have sworn vengeance and tonight is the night they take their revenge.

The above sketch shows the compound - the House of the Lord of Fire Triumphant - on the edge of Asumétl Port north of Béy Sü. This is an affluent suburb composed of mansions belonging to various nobles. The General's compound is surrounded by a low wall but is not really fortified. The Féshenga pens actually belong to the neighbouring estate.

This scenario will be a tabletop skirmish game on perhaps a 4' x 8' table. The intent is that the table comprise the area of the compound with only a little beyond the walls being used. Having laid out a rough area for the compound I now have to fit the palace and outbuildings into the space...


  1. A Tekumel adventure based on Chushingura! This sounds like it's gonna be my kind of fun ...