Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cthulhu Wars! On Tékumel???


Hunting Horror and Nyarlathotep 
(left arm unglued in box)

Nightgaunt and Flying Polyp

Shoggoth and Star Spawn

Fungi From Yuggoth and Dark Young


Deep One, Cultist and Byakhee

Cultist size comparison

The unflappable Baron Áld has graciously consented to appear in this "Photo Op of the Old Ones", ably assisted by one of Lady Mríssa's officers. These are all plastic figures from the "Cthulhu Wars" board game. I backed their Kickstarter mainly because I wanted the cool figures - sorry Sandy! ;-)

At the top is Hastur, who I suspect is currently residing deep in the bowels of the city of Hlíkku. I think he is my favourite of this bunch. :-)

All the others - the Hunting Horror, Nyarlathotep, Nightgaunt, Flying Polyp, Shoggoth, Star Spawn, Fungi From Yuggoth, Dark Young, Shub-Niggurath, Deep One, Cultist, and Byakhee - are all great figures. Most of them I am intending on introducing into My Tékumel, not as demons or creatures from the Outer Void, but as regular Tékumel fauna. 

Let's face it, the run-of-the-mill Tékumel beastie is typically pretty weird. There are no miniatures for any of them. And on top of that, I've been re-reading the Tékumel bestiary and there are large parts of the descriptions that I don't like. Numbers occurring, abilities, physical description - I have quibbles with quite a few. I "get" that they are meant to be alien creatures but there are some things that don't work for me. So I'm going to be "tweaking" things here and there.

So, on My Tékumel, good old Shub-Niggurath is reduced from Elder God to simple herd beast. Sorry, HP! :-) The Dark Young are also simply another denizen of Tékumel's jungles. Nyarlathotep I'm still considering but the others are pretty much decided how they are going to fit in.

All with a minimal of SAN loss! ;-)

The last thing I wanted to check was how tall the cultist figures were. As you can see they are slightly tall compared with our figures. The reason I was checking is that there are 24 of them in the box and I had an idea to use them as assembled magical contingents for Tékumel battles. Even with the height they probably would do fine.

There are at least four expansion sets with lots more figures that should be heading into stores soon - being part of the original Kickstarter. And there is a second "Onslaught" KS starting up on the 19th IIRC so there will be even more Cthulhu goodness coming down the pipes! :-)

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