Saturday, October 17, 2015

More Plastic Proxies...

A pair of Mi-Go, Chasme Demon and Elder Thing

Malfeshnekor and Forgefiend

Stone Golem and Nightwalker

Vermlek Demon, Lost Soul and Crystals

Giant Crawling Hand

Giant Butterfly and Nuglub Gremlin

Grimslake and K'lor'slug

Thunderblast Cyclone

Chain Golem

Two views of a Vescavor Queen and Locust Demon

Our friend, the Baron and his able - but for some reason always slightly out-of-focus - assistant are back for another round of plastic proxy pics. :-)  Most of these are Wizards of the Coast plastic D&D figures; some are of a recent vintage, others go back a few years. I think one might actually be a Star Wars figure.

From the top:

1) The Mi-Go, Chasme Demon and Elder Thing are all from the most recent release. Or very recent, in any case. I like them all, but not for their original purpose. Some fine Tékumel fauna here, me thinks! Or in the case of the Elder Thing, maybe flora instead.

2) There seem to be a fair number of Malfeshnekor around so it is either recent, common - or both - or just has sucky stats. I like it though, as some sort of pack animal. I mean an animal that travels in packs, not one used for carrying loads. It is sort of like a mix of cat and monkey! Or maybe with that tail, I should say fox and monkey? The Forgefiend is nice with the translucent belly. Some creation of the Lords of Latter Times maybe, but for what purpose? A Gene Vat Tender, maybe? Inside his belly he generates the required chemicals to adjust the vats appropriately.

3) The Nightwalker is my favourite of these two principally because he is translucent. Quite a lot of Tékumel's creatures are invisible or semi-invisible because they don't exist on the same Plane, or phase in and out. I think translucent or clear plastic is just the way to depict that. The Stone Golem is probably OK as a tomb guardian.

4) Vermlek Demon, Lost Soul and Crystals. I've included the Vermlek because of the bizarre face but overall I don't like his costume. Could be part of some laboratory, I suppose, or a demonic assistant. The Lost Soul represents just another source for an ordinary undead figure. The Crystals might actually Reaper Bones - I'm not sure as they have no markings and I haven't taken the time to look them up. They are nice because I am an enthusiastic supporter of the idea that magical effects should be represented on the table if they have physical form. Some sort of "Wall of Ice" perhaps?

5) Giant Crawling Hand. Actually I think this should be called a "giant's crawling hand". I think what has happened is that some giant was reaching through a nexus gate and got his hand lopped off. The hand was later animated. Where this occurred and who was involved I do not yet know.

6) The Giant Butterfly is I think from the local toy store. I think it's a Safari brand product, being soft rubber. Probably sold in one of those sore-thumb displays next to the cash. I never really checked it for size before. I think I need to get some more. I like the little Nuglub Gremlin. Some sort of servitor. These sort of things show up in a number of Professor Barker's early pieces of Tékumel art, like this one from the original Empire of the Petal Throne rule book:

Not a match for the figure in lower right but that doesn't matter. That figure isn't referenced or described anywhere to the best of my knowledge. It's presence indicates, to me anyway, that some time at least, Professor Barker imagined imps or some other form of demonic servitors or minions as being a part of Tékumel's magic. The Nuglub Gremlin could be one such minion, as I am sure they would take many forms.

7) Grimslake and K'lor'slug. More Tékumel fauna. I need to take side-on pics for each of these. The latter one I suspect is a Star Wars figure. It has 6 sets of legs and I'm sure there should be a story to go with the "face". Is it actually a face, or do people just imagine it? Does the creature try to mimic humans in some way?

8) Thunderblast Cyclone. Great spell effect, I reckon.

9) Chain Golem. Great summoned creature or animate object (chain) spell effect.

10) Vescavor Queen and Locust Demon. I picked these up a while back because I thought they would fit well with Tékumel's weird and wonderful array of flora and fauna. 

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