Monday, October 3, 2011

Noble Action

Noble Action, or Khomóyi [ko-MOY-ee], refers to the prime Tsolyáni principles of how to live ones life. These principles vary according to ones beliefs rather than being universal across Tsolyáni society.

Lán [LAN] = Noble

Bússan [BOOS-san] = Ignoble

In game terms, Khomóyi is given a rating that is used to represent ones progress on the path toward becoming a “Hero of the Age”. The higher the value, the closer one is to achieving that goal. It is accrued through successful adventures that achieve a noble goal. It can be lost through unsuccessful adventures.

Lán and Bússan are components of Khomóyi. Lán is accumulated by performing noble actions during a scenario. Bússan points are accumulated by performing ignoble actions during a scenario. Both are awarded at the end of the scenario at the discretion of the GM.

Lán provides bonus dice, referred to as Khomóyi dice, which can be used at any time during a scenario. The player merely states he wishes to roll x number of Khomóyi dice and they are added to his roll. This can be done even if the player has already made his regular roll. Successes and failures are counted as normal except failures are just returned to the pool of Khomóyi dice unless a ‘6’ was rolled, in which case they are removed from the pool for the duration of the scenario.

The number of Khomóyi dice available is the difference between the character’s Lán and Bússan ratings. Khomóyi dice that are removed from the pool during a scenario are regained after the scenario.

Designer Notes: These ratings replace Star Power as used in previous THW rules. They do so in a way that encourages the players to play “in character”, rewarding them when they act as a Tsolyáni might, and penalizing them when they do not.

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