Sunday, October 9, 2011

Balétl [bah-LAYTL] - the Spirit Soul

This is the last of the character stats. The Balétl, or Spirit Soul, is that part of the soul that continues after death, travelling as it does to the Isles of Teretané - also called the "Isles of the Excellent Dead" and the "Farther Shores of the Paradises of Teretané."

The Spirit Soul can be contacted by a Medium, however, as it makes the journey it sheds it's identity so the longer the delay after death the less chance of success there is.

Similarly there are spells that will return the Balétl to it's body - they also have time constraints after which they will be ineffective.

Still other spells will banish a Spirit Soul from one body, leaving an empty shell into which another Soul can be inserted.

The Balétl stat provides base dice that are used in these interactions: communicating with the Spirit Soul, bringing it back from it's journey, etc. The Medium uses his Balétl score to first attempt to find the Soul being sought, and then when communicating with the Soul it is used again.


  1. If I may ask, what role, if any, does it serve in the game on a regular basis?

  2. I would suppose if a sorcerer had Silver Halo of Soul Stealing as part of her spell repertoire.

  3. Each stat is only used if appropriate for the situation. So, as School Master says, the mage would use his (or her) Spirit Soul stat when trying to bring a Soul back, or when trying to question a Soul.

    In the course of a normal day, I don't think it would come into play unless there are creatures/poisons/diseases that attack the Spririt Soul. Not sure if such exist (off the top of my head) - I get confused with Glorantha, where I know such things exist.