Sunday, October 23, 2011


As every Tsolyáni knows, Ghosts are real. The priests know more about them than the commoners, of course, who tend to be a superstitious lot. But even what the priests know is not certain. They would say that ghosts are manifestations or "other-planar emanations" of the Shadow Self of individuals. What causes them to manifest is not completely understood, but it is thought to involve strong emotions or trauma.

Some temples have an affinity for different aspects of the Five Selves - that is, they are more interested in different parts of the Soul. Lord Sárku, for example, is only interested in the Hlákme (or Intellect), while others are interested in combinations of the Bákte (Body) and the Pedhétl. Some are interested in the Chusétl - or Shadow Self.

Those temples interested in the Shadow Self have a greater understanding of ghosts, can summon and communicate with them and possibly banish them. Ghosts can attack the Shadow Self of sleeping individuals with fatal results for the person if their Shadow Self is overcome. Some temples can set up wards to keep ghosts away from a specific area. Many Shaman also have these powers.

Not all ghosts are hostile, however, and some may seek to communicate with individuals who stumble into their haunts. It may be that their ghostly existence is related to some item that must be found and returned to its rightful owner, or to some deed that must be somehow undone. In these cases the ghosts may try to communicate with and barter with people in order to gain their release. In other cases, hatred towards a group (such as the Yán Kóryani) might provoke an attack.

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