Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Ship!

The Ship!

Over 18" long!

Stern Castle


On the deck



4" Beam

Height of Stern Castle is 5" (to top of rail)

This mighty was originally a 28mm Dhow made for a friend of mine by his Father-in-law. He gifted it to me after I did my Dark Passage naval game - Thank you again, Mike! :-)

For a home made model I don't think its that bad. The sides are not perfectly symmetrical but it has a sort of fantastical look to it. Its definitely got a "Dawn Treader" vibe to it! Which is what I want, as my ambition is to use it as a basis for some sort of large warship for Tekumel naval games. 

If you look at the cover of the Empire of the Petal Throne box you can see ships and boats drawn by Professor Barker; they have more fantastical forms than boring old Greek or Roman galleys! That is what I want to achieve. 

What I want to do is somehow mould this in resin and then make variants of it. The question is, how to best go about moulding something so large? It is 18-19" long, 4" wide and 5" tall at its highest point. and it has railings, which are surely going to cause problems. 

So I guess I'm off to YouTube to look for advice. If you have any advice or information please feel free to offer it! Thanks in Advance! 

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