Saturday, November 15, 2014


Map by John Till (w. Rachel Kronick) based upon Professor Barker's original.

John Till has started a series of posts about Thráya over on his Fate of Tékumel Blog

I've inserted into the map I'm making and scaled it - somewhat arbitrarily - so that the distance between the two end towers of the south wall was 3 kilometers. This seems to look OK next to the other cities I've inserted. When I checked the width of the river the narrowest section comes in at around 50 meters, which I think is in keeping with the comments Professor Barker made about the Ranánga river on the Blue Room mailing list. 

And today I was flipping through my copy of the Deeds Ever-Glorious (that is, the histories of the Tsolyáni legions, available from - and well worth the price!) I discovered an interesting reference under the Legion of Chegárra, the Hero-King. 

Actually, I think Thráya is mentioned several times throughout the histories. That book truely is a "must have" for Tékumel fans. There is loads of non-military information included and I found it gives a good insight into how things "work" in Tsolyánu.

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  1. Thraya is the HQ for three legions: The Legion of Chegarra, the Hero-King; The Legion of Gagarsha of Mmillaka, and The Legion of the Clan of the Golden Sphere.

    In addition to these three, Mitlanyal tells us that there are several Cohorts of The Battalions of Sryma of Vra posted here as well. They don't have a legion house on the map, so it is reasonable to assume this happened in recent times, and will be there but for a while. In the game I just ran at U-Con, the party included a sorcerer-priest of Karakan from this very legion. A Vrayan new to Thraya, he visited his Red Flower Clan's local clanhouse and caused quite a ruckus.