Saturday, March 7, 2015

The White Worms

Image by Hobobill (negative version of...)

In My Tékumel, the Íto clan uses the chalky hills of the Chákan Range to mark out both the eastern boundary of their lands and also their allegiance to Lord Sárku. Great worms, some with five heads, are carved out of the hillsides beyond the forest boundaries allowing the chalk to show through. (Just like the White Horses that are found in the UK). Some of these White Worms, as they are called, are actually now outside the present boundaries of the clan. At least one is large enough and high enough to be seen from the north-south sákbe road. There are no such worms in the vicinity of the Monastery of the Grey Cloak as that region has long been a stronghold of Lord Thúmis.

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  1. Like it! :) I've had geoglyphs around Tekumel before, but never in the Chakas so far as I can remember!