Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Incomparable Dejah Thoris Revealed!

In case you didn't know, I've been a big backer of Mike Burn's "Egyptian Miniatures" Indiegogo campaigns. Why? Because IMO the figures are - for the most part - perfect for Tekumel as well as Ancient Egypt. As Chirine will tell you, often times Phil would say what was needed was just "a guy in a kilt". :-) And from my point of view, buying the figures ready made is way better than making them myself! (You've probably heard that joke about how to make a million dollars in the miniatures business...)

Anyhow, Mike's latest campaign is in the home stretch as it were:

Hi Everyone!
Well it has come down to the last 48 hours of the campaign!  It has been quite an exciting project with the release of a large number of cool new miniatures.  We are getting closer to unlocking the next stretch goal which is the skeletal guards II set and I'm hopeful this wont be long.  Yesterday, I received some new images of recently completed sculpts by David Soderquist which include the two female warriors with axes that are part of the unlocked stretch goal set, Egyptian Female Guards IV.  There is also an image of the 2nd Tomb Robber set, which is the final stretch goal reward that is available for the campaign.  I am going to post a few more images of these tomb robbing desperadoes in the gallery - they really are packed full of detail and character.  To give a better chance of reaching the Tomb Robber set I am going to reduce the goal to $13000 to unlock them.
I have another surprise for you all - three amazing new Add-Ons!  These are NOT stretch goal rewards, so there is no goal to be reached - Everyone can simply add them to their perk by making a contribution for the amount required and letting me know your selections.  I was not sure these models would be sculpted in time before the end of the campaign, but pharaoh's overseer is persuasive and reach of his whip is long ;)  The first Add-On was sculpted by Brother Vinni and is of a mummy kidnapping one of pharaoh's concubines, inspired by the Lon Chaney 1942 horror classic, The Mummy's Tomb.  This awesome set also includes a standing version of the concubine and is available for only $15.  The next new Add-On is the waterline crocodile sculpted by Andy Pieper - silently waiting in the Nile for a victim to snatch in its terrible jaws.  This model is 25mm x 50mm (the same dimensions as a horse base) and is only $5.  Finally, Dave Soderquist sculpted a lovely Egyptianised Dejah Thoris inspired model, called pharaoh's favourite.  Adorned in lots of gold and jewels and little else, pharaoh's favourite holds a mirror and is yours for only $5!  I thought it might be fun to end the campaign with a bang by surprising you all with these new Add-On models. 
Thanks for your support and contributions - this range would not exist without them!
All the best,

From here: Indiegogo Campaign

The rest of Mike's figures are part of the Dark Fable range. Highly Recommended!

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