Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fun With Names... Digitizing Tékumel, Part 15

I've been trying to come up with names for all the small rivers I've been adding to the map. I could of perhaps used the naming chart from the "Tsolyáni Without Tears" article that appeared in one of the early Dragon Magazines (to be found as a download on the website.) Instead I went to the Tsolyáni Language books which are available as a PDF download at

I have to say that these books are fast becoming two of my favourite Tékumel books. Not because I think I have any hope of actually correctly pronouncing any of the words or that I want to learn the language. But because they are useful and contain quite a lot of insights - IMO - into Professor Barker's creation.

Anyhow, here are some of the names for rivers I have come up with. They all have more-or-less the meaning in the quotations. I say more-or-less because I am not a linguist and most of the language terms used in the books are new to me even when you are talking about English! So, if I've botched it: "oh well!" I think they look cool...

Gohóimu River "Festival"
Ubó River "Fever"
Ssünrü River "Fear"
Ssánga River "Mad/insane"
Prazhúrin River "Eternal"
Kárin River "Red"
Mikárun River "Black"
Jangáivu River  "Emerald"
Zháurun River "Green"
Tathén River  "Grey"
Baradá River  "Wild"
Abásun River  "White"
Kólumeljarài River   "Exalted Emperor"
Kólumelbabàrkohàya River  "Ever-glorious Empire"
Ogrún River   "False"
Dhu’ónin River  "Golden"
Ssudú River  "Ghost"
Tabár River  "Forbidden"
Sharé River  "Gods Protect Us"

I reckon Nisuél, headquarters of the Clan of the Golden Sunburst is sitting on the banks of the Dhu’ónin river. The Gohóimu river will be nearby. The Ubó, the Tabár and the Sharé, and others with similar foreboding names will be used throughout the Flats, flowing south to the sea. The Ogrún is intended to be used for one of the off-shoots of the Mssúma river. (There is an off-shoot of the Mississippi, called the False river, which is part of the old watercourse which is now cut off and goes nowhere.)

I also tried coming up with some creature names. I use a lot of Proxy Figures. I don't mean just proxy models being used to represent Tékumeli creatures, but also other beasties I have imported into My Tékumel. Basically, if it is cool and exotic, I have little objection to including it if I have the need.

Take these Barzoomian Great White Apes, for example:

Great White Apes, by Bronze Age Miniatures

Of course, "ape" is not in the vocabulary so that caused a bit of difficulty. What I came up with was:

Qu’qúmabàsudàli   "Great White Monster"  (I think!)  :-)

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