Saturday, July 7, 2012

A View of Sétnakh?

Photo credits: A photo of Varanasi (Benaras) by Liday Kiran

From National Geographic

I found this image while researching the Lohars, nomadic smiths of India. I had read about them in a National Geographic book published in the late seventies, and a quick search pulled up more recent articles online. The Lohars are the basis for "the Clan of the Third Eye Blue" a similarly nomadic clan in my Tékumel campaign. The name is borrowed from Greg Stafford's Glorantha, as fans of his world will recognize. I have no doubt that he was similarly inspired by the Lohar. 

Anyway, I thought the view was a good impression of what the small town of Sétnakh might look like with the Ranánga river in full flood.

A couple of us have been trying to develop a "formula" for describing clans. I've posted my description of the Clan of the Third Eye Blue here.

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