Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reputation or 'Rep'

Reputation, or 'Rep', is the main stat for many Two Hour Wargames (2HW) rules. It is basically experience, skill and knowledge all rolled into one - it is as much how the World views a character as it is a rating of how good he is. Which is why it is called "Reputation". Basically if someone is a known hard case then probably he has the skills to back that up.

But under the 2HW rules, even the best can have a bad roll and be taken out by a lowlife. There are no hit points, as such. Only: No Effect, Out of the Fight (OOF) and Obviously Dead (OD). Now characters do get extra benefits, so they are not easy to kill regardless how bad the roll, but they are not as invincible as characters in some games.

In addition, if a hero has a bad adventure his Rep can actually go down for the next one. This basically represents lingering physical injury, or perhaps a certain demoralization - the hero is basically functioning at sub par abilities until he "gets his game back".

In a Band of Joyous Heroes, I want to get a more Tékumel flavour so I am thinking of doing things a little differently than just one stat. Whether this will work within the same basic system remains to be seen. More on this tomorrow...

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