Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spaceswords and Glory

The playtest PBB game has started, albeit slowly. Which in some ways is good. I am not sure where everyone is - meaning timezones - but I get the impression that many are on the West Coast and so I think I go to bed before many of the posts are made.

I'm also having a bit of problem with Blogger - from my computer at work especially, where the anti-spam text takes several refreshes to get it to even display properly. I have already lost the first version of my first input - which was quite long. The version posted is similar, but I am sure not worded the exact same way, and stuff may have gotten left out. Since then, I now type the comment/response in word and paste it into Blogger!


  1. I'm on the east coast but I don't sleep so I've been posting around midnight...maybe I should save posts and publish them in the morning?

    Blogger can be annoying with its hunger for posts...I almost always write them in a file or at least copy before clicking the button.

    I also have limited ability to post during the workday as I'm often out of the office with only a mobile. I've been considering emailing posts to the blog...that might work for you also so I will send details later.

  2. It's not too bad, at least when I get up there is stuff to respond to before I head into work.