Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Kárinjàjzayal, or the "Red Marshes"

The Kárinjàjzayal

These marshes in the Mssúma river delta are home to a species of red grasses and are what give the Kárin river it's name. The word "kárin" meaning "red" in Tsolyáni.

Spring and Summer

Autumn and Winter


  1. again, I really like what you are doing here!

    So the vertical hachure is forest?

  2. Yes. The idea is that forested area will be part of a fief of a clan that raise one of Tekumel's meat animals. I can't remember the name, but in the fluff it is mentioned. Not the Hma, or Hmelu, but another type of herbivore.

  3. Tsi'il perhaps? big lumbering herbivore, somewhat Chlen-like?