Friday, April 29, 2011

Leveling Up...

I have leveled up: 3rd Level...

Languages: Sunnuz and Scientific-Sunnuz

HP 25

Skills: biologist-botanist +1, physician +2, energy pistol,
programmer, chemist +1, roboticist, astro-physicist, holographic
scanner, attractor field, inter-planar physicist

Higher Powers: Y-Ray, Z-Ray (out of total of 7 attempts.)

Gear - assume I can sign gear out of ships stores.

Personal Gear:
Lens, laser pistol, skin suit, Med-kit, Med-Scan, Contra-grav belt,
Communicator, Scan Scope, Utility Belt, Survival Rations, Backpack,
Air tablets (48 hrs worth), canteen.

Remaining Credits: 125

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