Sunday, August 2, 2020

More 54mm Heroes!

54mm Irregular Miniatures

Moving forward slowly with my 54mm Tekumel dungeon party, I put a second order into Irregular Miniatures. Seen above, this is an eclectic assortment of periods chosen for their suitability of conversion to Tekumel-appropriate adventurers.

Starting with the top photo, in the center of the pic is my Noble character figure, the leader of the expedition. Actually a Samurai leader, I'm going to add some plumes to his helmet to give him that "Tekumel Vibe". To his left is my main magic support (a Chinese noble or general, IIRC) in the form of a lay wizard, temple as yet unknown. In the right of the picture are my missile support: a generic archer in back and two Ashigaru in front, one with bow and one with musket, which is going to be converted into a crossbow. To the right of the noble is his right-hand man, and bodyguard in the form of a Carolingian Guardsman. Currently he is the most heavily armoured of my figures. Nest to him is a generic slinger - more missile support (and general labour.) The last figure on the left is another gladiator; the bulk of the fighters in the party will only be medium or lightly armoured.

The lower photo shows more supporting cast: back left is a native bearer who will continue that role with a little different hairstyle when I've finished. I'll probably want a few more to act as bearers. In front of him is my second magic user, a priestess, probably of Avanthe, to provide healing support to the party. The rest of the front row consists of a Zulu man and boy, a Zulu woman with pot, and on the end two Zulu maidens about to get married. Not in my game: here they are probably going to end up as Aridani warriors as will the woman with the pot. The man is likely going to be the majordomo overseeing the servants, the boy being one of those. The rest of the back row is made up of two male and two female generic nudes, one of each pose Irregular sells. Not sure what I will end up doing with these, but my thinking is more light to medium combat support.

So, including the four figures from my last post, the party consists of:

A nobleman, the party leader;
His well armed and armoured bodyguard;
A lay priest to provide magic support, temple undetermined;
A priestess of Avanthe as back-up magic and healing support;
Six male warriors with light or medium armour and shields;
Four missile armed warriors: two bows, a crossbowman and an slinger;
Six aridani warriors, unarmoured but with shields;
An majordromo to oversee the servants;
Two servants for him to oversee, including the boy.

That's twenty three in total.

Obviously I have to build up the numbers of servants! There probably should be one bearer for each other party member, plus a few extras. And I need to consider torch and lantern bearers.

With twenty three members the party dwarfs the typical D&D party, but then I think Tekumel parties do tend to be larger; they are more like RW archaeological digs that a small band of murder hobos. At least, I think they are!

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