Saturday, December 7, 2019

Exploring Ngála - Part 1

An almost bare table...

My usual ground cloth...

Some strips of old roads; a lucky a flea market find...

A broken old Chess set...

Hecho en México! 
These are, I think, quite common in 
tourist traps down in Cancun or Acapulco...

I found on mine ebay. Most versions were close to 
$200 US but this one was damaged, and with an 
incomplete set of figures, so I got it for a good price...

When it arrived the board practically fell apart in my hands!
Which was a good thing! I might not have wanted to do anything to 
it if it had been undamaged...

I could use it with the chess board upright, but I think reversed, 
as a platform is more useful...

Here is my test layout with bits from a variety of sources: 
Aztec-themed Terrarium ornaments, SE Asia statuettes, 
and unpainted resin bits from Acheson Creations.

Other bits are from Stone Mountain(L) and Fenris Games(R). 
The lanterns and statue are from Petsmart. 
The chess men are from yet another Aztec-themed 
chess set I own. One of three!

I think the city-scape should be cluttered. 
A mixture of Acheson Creations, 
Flea Market finds and Pet store products.

And it should be all overgrown. Still need to do that bit...

The strange contraption with legs is actually a
candlestick I bought in some tacky knick-knack shop. 
In my game it belongs to some Lord: his walking palanquin!

Chess men arrayed "terracotta soldier" style...

I need either taller platforms or buildings to put on the pyramid base.

And stairs leading up onto the platform...

And there should be lots of different levels. 
Ground level should not be so flat!

At left, I have added a Sarku-style crest to my Petsmart Buddha...

The platform at left is a Petsmart offering from a few years ago. 
I can't believe I only bought one! 
Why wouldn't I buy two so I could put them back-to-back?
Must have fumbled my "Bargain Hunter" check...

Note that the statue has undergone a bit of facial surgery. 
Gone are Buddha's serene features, 
replaced with a head from what is I believe a Gulper Eel 
from the Safari Ltd, "Deep Sea Creatures" Toob.
I call him "Prince Caspian"...

Lots of work to do...
Platforms to make!
Columns to make!
Sets of stairs to make!
Chess figures to convert into statues!

(And I haven't even used any of the Zombie Quadrille stuff yet!)

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