Sunday, December 17, 2017

Proxy Figures: "Court of the Sultana" by Effincool Miniatures

Gong Beater w. Gong

Fan Bearers

Levitating Air Priestess


Cloth Dancer

Crystal Ball Juggler

Ornate Drum






Sitar Player

Snake Dancer


Water Bearer

Lounging Hetaria

Ornate Screen

Effincool Miniatures ran this Kickstarter in the Spring and are now just finishing up the last few sculpts. I thought I'd post some pics here as I think there are many figures useful as proxy figures for Tekumel Games. The gong beater and drummers, for example. I think I can find uses for all, in fact!

Late backers can still get in on the action via Backerkit.

I think there are 5-8 figures and accessories left to be done, and the Backerkit will be locked after that. Delivery in the Spring sometime, assuming no hiccups.

There is already talk of a "Part 2"...

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  1. man, I don't know that I had money then or not, but, sorry I missed the KS. Now to figure out what I can afford now.