Friday, March 22, 2013

Picking through the Boneyard

Following a tip on TMP I did a search on the Reaper Miniatures site using the search terms "boneyard weapon" and "boneyard shield".

The searches bring up individual weapon and shield sprues available for purchase. Some are a bit pricey but some are not bad. This, for example, is a nice shield for Tekumel:

The pictures are not always that good, but there is a link below showing the figure it went with and that is usually a much better picture.

This shield is also quite nice...

Though it is very tall. I bought 20 of these sprues a few years back for a conversion (as yet unfinished.) I think I got them for about $2.50 each at the time. The winged helmet is potentially useful as well - I'm thinking for one of the Pijena Gureks.

I've always liked these Renegade Miniatures Warring States Chinese - at least the armour, anyhow:

I had thought maybe put the winged helmet on them and the large kite shield with the face to make those Pijena HI. I couldn't decide if I liked the helmet's visor, however, and now I can't find the various parts. :-(

The Renegade figures are also a bit big compared to our typical figures, if that is likely to bother you.

Anyway, tis food for thought!

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