Friday, May 25, 2012

Warrior-Priestess of Karakán?

This new figure released by Dark Sword Miniatures is sculpted by Patrick Keith.

I think that with very few modifications she would make a very nice warrior-priestess of Karakán, one of the five Lords of Stability, and styled the "Lord of War, the Master of Heroes, and the Ultimate Warrior on the Final Day."

The most glaring change is the scabbard, but that could be carved away and fixed with putty. The sword could be swapped out or perhaps carved and puttied a bit to make it a bit more exotic looking. 


  1. probably, but at 9 bucks, I probably won't be buying one. I also suspect she is a bit large. but not large enough to be Hluss.. Finding women proxies is so much easier than finding males. Female figures generally show a lot of skin, appropriate for the heat of Tekumel. Males tend to be over dressed..

  2. You are probably correct about the scale.

    I never even looked at the price - doh!