Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Eye

"Eyes" are spherical techno-magical devices about the size of the human eye, with an aperture on one side - it is because they so resemble an actual eye that gives them their name. These devices of the Ancients were created to perform a variety of tasks, each creating a spell-like effect when the stud on it's side is activated. Some emit energy beams, others will put a target into a form of stasis, still others emit light or sound. They are powered by inter-planar energy and each use reduces the Eye's "charge". Some have counters that show how many charges are remaining. Many have inscriptions giving the name of the Eye; there are many standard types, and some are still relatively common. Eyes can be recharged and there are even Eyes that serve that purpose! Tinkering with Eyes is dangerous, but there are reputed to be some scholars who still have the skill.

In A Band of Joyous Heroes each Eye would have a rating that would be assigned either by the GM, if there is one, or randomly otherwise - when a character obtains one. Each time it was used the dice would be rolled and any rolls of '6' would be noted and the rating reduced by that amount. When the pool of dice was reduced to zero then the Eye would cease to function, having run out of charges. Under this system the character would never know the exact number of charges left. YTMV, of course.

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