Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Unofficial" New Years Resolution

Don't know if they are allowed to be "unofficial" or not, but as I am generally pretty bad about the "official" versions, I thought I'd squeak this one through:

That is, to: paint, type, photograph, glue, base, or plan at least one thing each day for the next year.

Now by "paint", I don't mean the whole figure but maybe prime one or paint the coat on another, that sort of thing. By "type" I mean either work on my rules or make a blog post. I would really like to achieve 100% daily blog posts this year! By "photograph" I mean take pictures of my figures and terrain - and hopefully upload them to the blogs. By "glue" and "base" I mean the same as with painting, only referring to the very first stage and the last. And "planning" is the escape hatch - I do this everyday practically as it is...see this Pie Chart, from Larry the Leadhead.

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