Friday, November 4, 2011

Golden Chersonese Miniatures

Golden Chersonese Miniatures

The link to this site was posted on one of the forums I frequent. To quote from the website:

"Golden Chersonese Miniatures was set up as an artistic endeavour to produce original exquisite miniatures for the connoisseur collector. We are a specialist maker of truly unique miniature pieces which are based on exotic lost kingdoms and unusual cultures from the Far East and Eastern Archipelago."

They are 1/32nd scale, Toy soldier style miniatures. The subjects are mostly "Gamelan Orchestras", both Balinese and Javanese. Check out the pictures of the miniatures - I'm thinking possible use in a Yán Kóryani court...

Not of these specific miniatures, of course (though something in 28mm and a more realistic style would be cool), but the concept...

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