Saturday, May 9, 2015

Art Cards

The Clan of Flowering Life, Art Card #03

Art Card #02
Art by Jeff Dee

Some time ago - back in 2010 - I decided to try some promotional material. For U-Con 2010 I had a promotional postcard (or art card, if you prefer) made up with some art by Paul Ballard. On the reverse was a blurb and a code that gave a 10% discount on any purchase. IIRC, nobody actually redeemed the card. So much for promotions!

Art Card #01
Art of Paul Ballard

But I decided to persevere, mainly because I just like that sort of thing, and had another one done with art by Jeff Dee. This I had intended to include with parcels and was sized to fit my common package size. A few went out but I discovered there were issues with packaging the figures and the card so neither was damaged by shipping. It turned out the cards just got in the way.So I stopped doing that.

Then James Maliszewski started publishing his little fanzine for the Empire of the Petal Throne RPG: "The Excellent Traveling Journal". After receiving my copy I realized that the art card fit inside the center of the booklet. I had fifty copies left and I arranged with James to get them inserted into the first fifty copies of the fanzine ordered.

The plan is to include similar cards in each issue, if I can manage it and for as long as James is willing. Card #03 is pictured at the top. That card is away at the printers now and Zhu is already working on the next one. :-)

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