Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I is for Infantry

On Tékumel that is pretty much all they have if you discount the Hláka scouts. At least in the area of the planet occupied by the Five Empires we are familiar with. There is no cavalry, as few riding beasts were brought by Lords of Humanspace when the planet was terraformed and colonized. There are horses (and other riding beasts) on the planet - just not in the same hemisphere.

So warfare on Tékumel is an all-infantry affair, made a little more exotic by the inclusion of non-human legions made up of Ahoggyá, Páchi Léi, Pé Chói, Shén, the aforementioned Hláka, and Pygmy Folk. The infantry comprise a variety of troop types: the main forces consist of well armed and armoured heavy infantry - pikes and spears for the most part, but not exclusively so. These are supported by well armed but somewhat lighter armoured medium infantry, often spearmen or armed with halberds or two-handed swords. Missile support is provided by crossbowmen and archers. Light infantry skirmishers armed with bows, slings or javelins harass the enemy and provide blank security. War machines firing darts or stones are used in the field on occasion, or in siege warfare.

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