Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spaceswords & Glory

Turján Mors

I am in one of the Drune's playtest PBP games for Humanspace Empires over at Ix. For those of you that don't already know, this is Tékumel gaming before Tékumel! This is the universe of the Humanspace Empire that eventually colonized Tékumel prior to the catalcysm that resulted in the game setting we know and love. As I understand it the timeline is approximately 10 years after Tékumel is discovered and the colonization process begun. Not sure if the Ssú and Hlüss are even fully pacified yet!

Turján Mors

Human Male

Strength - 10
Dexterity - 15 = -1 AC, +1 Att/Int Mod, +1 Save (vs Energy blast)
Constitution - 13 = +1 HP, +1 Save (vs Poison/Disease)
Intelligence - 14 = +1 Lang, +1 Skill/Power
Psychic Power - 15 = +1 Save (vs Psy effects)
Charisma - 15 = -1 Reaction, 5 Retainers, Retainer morale 8

Prime Requisite: INT and PSY = +10% Exp

HP: 8 = 1+6+1(Con Bonus) (assumed 1st level)

Starting Skills:
11 = 2 basic, 2 technical plus 1 expert:
Background 20 = Super-scientific
Basic: Urbanite, Tailor;
Technical: Lab tech, Trader;
Expert: Medic

Starting Skills: 5 = choose 4 skills/lvl 1 powers form the first 8

biologist-botanist, physician, astrophysicist, holographic scanner

Starting Credits: 7 x 200 = 1400 Cr

Not bought yet

Remaining Credits: 1400

Turján used to be an up-and-coming researcher in the employ of Duke Vissékka, of House Cános, but some ill-advised investments in the asteroid mines of the rings of Tau Ceti ruined him. A dalliance with the Duke's concubine - pictured - forced him to flee prematurely. Signing up with the Navy seemed the easy way out...

I have to fill out the background a bit and also "level up" to 3rd level...

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  1. Awesome! The default Humanspace setting is about 60,000 years from now , 50,000 years or so before the cataclysm and as you said about 10 years after Tékumel was discovered. The war with the Ssú and Hlüss is raging on...they are even trying to preserve their species by escaping on huge generation ships that are hunted by the Humanspace navy.