Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Some Air Cars from my collection...

A non-commercial sculpt. I don't think this
was ever commercially available.

From the Lead Bones range by Recreational Conflict
(There is also a 15mm version that might serve 
as a single person sled.)

Parroom Station - not sure if this is still available.

Also Parroom Station. Available?

(Note that most of the above craft also have fins and railings, etc that are not yet attached.)

I think there has been a tendency to give the Air Cars found on Tékumel a very "hard sci/fi" sort of look. My personal preference is something more elegant or "retro" looking. :-)

My thinking is that there would surely be hundreds if not thousands of different sorts of air cars around: pleasure craft, industrial, military, etc. There would be custom made versions and there would be air cars operated by the various non-human races present on Tékumel. All of these could look quite different from each other.

It is conceivable that none of the surviving Air Cars even resemble each other!

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