Thursday, April 3, 2014

B is for Barbarian

I think wikipedia will back me up on this, that the Ancient Greeks believed everyone who was not Greek was a "barbarian". That is, an "uncivilized" person, brutish, rude, and uneducated.

Tsolyanu has its tribal groups: the tribes in the Gilraya and Chakan forests, the Kurt hills, the Kraa Hills and, I suspect, the Desert of Eyagi and in the marshy flats along Tsolyanu's southern coast. Some Tsolyani might think these peoples "backward" but I don't think they'd call them barbarians.

That term they would reserve for peoples like the N'luss and the Lorun. These are two related groups, taller than typical humans on Tekumel - much taller, in fact. Some N'luss stand over 7' tall.

You can see more about the N'luss here. And about the Lorun, here.


  1. Hey I'm half-Greek you need to back off. I think barbarians were called that because they were roaming people, often violently attacking towns and settlements to steal supplies and wreak havoc. They probably weren't all bad though, and you're right, "barbarian" is probably a name some civilizations gave to people they just flat out didn't like or wanted to conquer. Good word, good post. Thank you, Sir (assuming you're a dude).

  2. My husband always watches barbarian movies, esp. in anime.
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