Saturday, June 25, 2011

On the Painting Desk

So, I've starting painting again! Yay!

I've started painting a few of our new releases: Princess Vrisa, the Messenger Vignette, the Sacrifice Vignette and the Puppet Master Vignette.

For the flesh I am using Foundry paints - the South American triad (code #119), though I don't like the lightest colour so I am just using the Shade (119A) and the main colour (119B). One could equally well use a Ceramcoat or Delta terracotta, or something like that, for the shade but I'm not sure what one would use for the next colour. Foundry's figures and paints are generally nice but their pricing is crazy and not very fair for North American customers as it doesn't reflect true exchange rates. My advice: take advantage of their sales!

I'm just starting to think about what colour to paint the Puppet Master's kilt, and those of the three children in the vignette. I don't think it should be the typical plain white kilt typically used for "ancients". I've been doing some research on fabric patterns, searching mainly for traditional Indian designs. I also dug out some design books I picked up dirt cheap at a sidewalk sale one day - they are booklets intended for embroidery and similar hobbies. I thought "these might be useful sometime" and bought them - they were only a dollar or so each anyway, so why not? Anyway, that was a couple of years ago and I've finally found a use for them. I have Persian and Japanese designs and also a booklet based upon some famous designer related to ballet. That is, I think he designed the costumes - the designs are all "eastern" - Turkish, that sort of thing.

To my mind, there are two things to consider: the colours to use and the pattern, if any. There is a lot of colour association in Tsolyani society (and other Tekumeli societies, in general) - the gods all have colours (and often metals) associated with them; the Nation has a colour associated with it (azure blue for Tsolyanu, for example); and the clans have colours, often based upon their religious leanings. Unfortunately, in the case of the Puppet Master's clan - either the "Clan of the Striding Incantation" or the "Society of the Hands Which Are Not Seen" - not much detail is known. My feeling is that he is a performer, so he would be colourful. Though not of high status, Puppet Masters are revered throughout the land so he could have fairly expensive clothing. So that means a pattern. Something that I can paint! And it means finding the right colour combination...

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